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Building Brighter Futures

Building Brighter Futures is a programme for 10-18 year olds with cystic fibrosis, funded by BBC Children in Need. Find out more about how you can get involved!

What is Building Brighter Futures?

Building Brighter Futures is a three-year programme for 10-18 year olds with cystic fibrosis, funded by BBC Children in Need. The programme will include talks, Q&As and workshops to give you practical skills to manage your CF alongside other interests. We hope to cover a broad range of topics from mental health and isolation, to coding, blogging and vlogging. Hear from Digital Youth Outreach Officer Bahar Mustafa to find out a little bit more about her role in the Building Brighter Futures Programme.

What's coming up?

Creative Writing (ages 10-18)

Join us for our creative writing workshops and master a new skill!

In this online course, we will experiment with different forms of creative writing and discover fun and easy ways to find inspiration and get words on a page. We will have a go at writing stories, poems and scripts, and learn some tips for writing in different forms. We will look at examples from interesting writers and discuss as we go, but mainly we will hang out, share ideas and make stuff. Ultimately, we will find exciting ways to express ourselves and have fun!

This course will create a safe, playful environment where we hope you will be happy to share your creations with each other and work together. You don’t have to share anything you would rather keep private. The aim is to experiment - but who knows, you might write something you would love to share with the world.

Your tutor, Ella Road, is a writer and actor from London. She studied English Literature and Language at Oxford University before training as a postgraduate at the Oxford School of Drama.

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  • 10 June 2020 - 5pm (Social meet and greet)
  • From 17 June 2020 - every Wednesday, 5-7pm

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#VirtuallySocial online activities (ages 10-25)

Make friends, have fun and learn new skills (all from the comfort of your own home!)

Are you aged 10-25 and have CF, or you’re close to someone who does? Over the next few months, our youth programme is running fun and exciting online events every other week (mostly on Fridays). From games nights to free online skill workshops and movie nights, we have something for everyone.

Keep up to date with what’s on at @CFTrustYouth on Twitter or get in touch with us at to find out more.

Games Night (ages 10-25)

  • Free
  • Cross platform
  • Suitable for ages 12-25

Every two months we challenge gamers with CF to bring their A-game. Alternating between X-Box and Playstation, we try to play cross-platform games where we can so everyone can get involved. Don’t have a console but want to hang out? We stream the whole thing on Twitch and have a chat room going as well. It’s a no-pressure opportunity to talk to others who have CF about anything (though mostly we talk about pizza toppings and upcoming game releases).

Follow @CFTrustYouth on your console or Twitch to get involved.

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  • Friday 22 May (ages 10-16): we'll be playing FORTNITE!

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Catch up

Missed out on one of our workshops? Considering signing up for a future course and want to see what's in store? Here, you can take a look at some of the things people with CF have been getting up to on our Building Brighter Futures workshops.

My passion keeps me well

In this series of videos, five people with CF talk about a hobby or job that helps them in some way with their cystic fibrosis. In the latest video, Nubi talks about how blogging about her condition has helped her release the things the doesn't feel comfortable speaking to her friends and family about and how she's using her CF to her advantage to help other people to share their stories. Nubi also talks about how her university has helped her to adapt her learning around her condition.

Find out more about your options for leaving school if you have cystic fibrosis, including some of the things to think about if you choose to go to university.

Preparing for work

​CF and mental health

Watch a 20-minute talk on CF and mental health with Chloe, a member of our Youth Advisory Group and the NHS youth forum, who discusses her experiences with mental health and how it impacted her CF.

​Storytelling workshop

Last summer, young people with CF linked up online as part of the Building Brighter Futures storytelling workshop, in collaboration with On Our Radar. Here’s a video they produced talking about what it’s like living with an invisible illness.

Research we fund

We fund research to tackle some of the most pressing issues in CF today. Find out how your donations are making a difference.

What is CF?

Cystic fibrosis, or CF, affects the lungs, digestive system and other organs, and there are around 10,500 people living with it in the UK.

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